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Bulk buy 10 kg bag of general purpose fertiliser

FertiliserEnough to cover 500 sq metres of lawn as a single application (20 grams per sq. metre). Ideal for general lawns 21% nitrogen, 8% phosphate 11% potash, also suitable for general plant use. The most economical way to buy fertiliser.

Or 5KG BAGS OF Fertiliser which is enough to cover 250 sq metres


10 kg bag 27.50

5 kg bag 17.50

Deliveries of fertilizer are only made in conjunction with other products.

Order Online (no payment taken)

If you receive Central TV then we deliver high quality turf and topsoil to your area

Any help with ordering contact our helpline 8am - 8pm at 0121 296 5251 or 07831 165 905